Some Ad work. -Translating what we do into an ad that has to work in all sorts of different media formats is the challenge of being a commercial photographer. It takes lots of skill to do it well. Instagram is super forgiving and makes most average pictures look pretty good. Billboards, magazines, banner ads are a very different challenge. Add to that a whole bunch of peoples different opinions, ever changing light, time restraints, budget restraints and a whole myriad of other potential issues and commercial photography becomes a complex beast. – This is a campaign I shot in Singapore for UOB. Working with a great team from the advertising agency BBH and production company @framebyframepics. Post production by @carousel_post ——-@bbhsingapore #bbh #uobbank @framebyframepics #photography #bank #commercialphotography #commercialshoot #advertising #advertisingagency #looksee #work #worklife @matchphotographers @louisandco @imiartists